Private Sessions & Consultations

Private Sessions

While Deep Roots Yoga is pleased to offer group yoga classes and integrative yoga sessions, we understand that there are times where private yoga instruction is preferred.

Deep Roots Yoga is happy to facilitate private yoga classes for individuals, pairs, small groups or families wanting to practice yoga in the style they wish and at the pace they want.

Private yoga sessions are ideal for a wide variety of people, whether you are shift-worker with scheduling conflicts, a stay-at-home mom in need of a break, a couple looking to practice together, a group of friends that have similar interests, parents of children or teens that express interest in family yoga, or someone with very specific physical limitations or emotional needs that cannot be adequately focused on in a group class.

Private yoga sessions allow for: personalized instruction in terms of alignment and posture, more personal modifications to asanas based on flexibility and therapeutic need, more hands-on assistance in yoga poses that allow for deeper sensations and muscular release, and postures to be explained more in detail so participants develop an understanding of anatomical and energetic relationships. Private yoga sessions can also be tailored to more advanced participants who want answers to more complex questions, crave a more theoretical yoga dialogue with the instructor and desire their yoga practice to be more personally rewarding. Private yoga sessions are also excellent for people who are hoping to have a personal stretching routine planned out for them, reflecting the needs of their body (a stretching routine that features stretches that work to reward and release tight areas of the body).

While a private yoga session can be taken once, they are most beneficial when taken as part of a multi-session series, as they will be personally designed according to a client’s specific needs, desired outcomes and goals. 

The cost of a 60 minute private yoga session is $70.


At Deep Roots Yoga we take pride in getting to know our clients and meeting their needs. We provide services that examine ways in which people can lead pain-free lives, and provide information that reveals deeper personal understanding. 

Deep Roots Consultations are a chance for Leslie to speak with clients one-on-one for 60 minutes in regards to any of these services listed below:

  • Postural Assessment (areas of imbalance, tightness, overcompensation etc)
  • Personalized Yoga Routine (usually a series of 8-10 stretches to heal physical problems)
  • Elemental Chart Reading (determining, through use of an astrological ephemeris, what the clients elemental chart is, and how to approach their yoga practice upon finding out this information)

The cost of a 60 minute consultation is $70. To find out more details about any of these specific services, please contact Leslie at