Studio Guidelines

At Deep Roots Yoga, we always welcome new students into the Deep Roots Community. Outlined below are a few simple guidelines to enhance your experience at Deep Roots Yoga. 

Currently all classes offered out of Deep Roots Yoga require preregistration. We encourage participants interested in taking upcoming sessions to either contact Leslie Pullen at to save you a spot (with payment required at the first class: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, e-transfer, cheque, cash) or to sign up for sessions online. We understand some people cannot commit to an entire session and hope to drop-in on some classes. While we cannot guarantee a spot will be available for you, you are always welcome to contact Leslie to ask about space or drop-by the studio in hopes that a spot may be available. 

Be mindful of the intention Deep Roots Yoga holds and the environment it strives to cultivate as you walk through the door. Please show up to the first class of a session 10 minutes ahead to fill out all necessary paperwork prior to starting your first class. After this initial class it is asked you arrive no earlier than 15minutes before a class and no later than 2 minutes before class start. We understand that we are all late from time to time because of work or family commitments that are a struggle to get away from, so no worries if you sneak in a little late, we just ask that you try not to make it your habit. We remind all yoga participants to not drive crazily and run red lights to get to yoga class on time! 

Please refrain from wearing scented products such as perfume, cologne or heavily scented lotions, as many people have allergic reactions to scents. 

Participants can bring their own mat or choose to purchase a Jade Yoga rubber mat from Deep Roots Yoga. While Deep Roots Yoga does offer yoga straps and cork yoga blocks for participants to use, we refrain from sharing mats for sanitary purposes. 

Deep Roots Yoga is proud to be a mobile free environment. Please turn off or silence your phone/mobile device at the door including all sounds that may occur even when your phone is silenced/off, this includes vibrate. Remember, everyone is at yoga to have an empowering experience. Mobile device often take that away from us. 

Deep Roots Yoga is proud to offer yoga services for people of many ages, fitness levels, body types and circumstances. Regular group yoga classes are open to people ages 16 and above. To ask about a special accommodation, simply contact Leslie directly. 

The role of the instructor is to guide and assist students. Therefore this may not include demonstrating all asanas or poses, as the instructor will be busy aligning and working individually with participants. Although the instructor will likely do most and maybe even all of the yoga practice with you, be aware that hands-on-assisting does often happen. Keeping this in mind, please select a class that you feel is suitable and communicate all injuries, healing and pregnancy details to your instructor before class (both verbally and in writing on your registration form) 

And....enjoy a deep and nourishing practice at Deep Roots Yoga! If there is anything we can do to improve your experience at our studio, please contact Leslie at We would love to hear from you.