Workplace & Community Yoga

Workplace Yoga 

Workplace yoga sessions aspire to create more happy and productive workers with enhanced workplace morale. Getting our of their office chairs, relaxing, stretching,opening up, breathing, unwinding and connecting are great ways to re-energize and refocus staff. By improving workers sense of contentment and overall health at the workplace, you might just notice more smiles in the staff room or hallway and increased work productivity! 

Deep Roots Yoga workplace sessions are easy to organize. Just organize a group of any size and find a space that can accommodate them within the workplace. Then contact Deep Roots Yoga and we will be happy to facilitate morning, lunch hour, afternoon or after work sessions for your staff. 

Workplace Yoga Session are designed for all levels and are usually 60 minutes in length.

While a Workplace Yoga Session can be taken once for a special event or conference reasons, they are most beneficial when taken as part of a multi-session series, usually ranging from 8-12 visits. 

To find out more about Workplace Yoga or to book a session, contact or call 519 336-5810. 

Community Yoga Sessions

Community yoga sessions work to bring yoga into spaces that desire a yoga practice to come to them. Community yoga sessions regularly take place in elementary and secondary schools, retirement homes and community centers. Whether it be a group of energetic Gr 3’s that desire a yoga practice specially designed for young children, a group of Gr 12 Health or Physical Education students wanting to experience and learn about the physical, mental and emotional health benefits of yoga, or a group at Strangway Community Center looking to increase physical mobility and mental alertness, Community Yoga Sessions are tailored to bring yoga into people’s lives outside of the yoga studio environment. 

To find out more about Community Yoga or to book a session, contact or call 519 336-5810.