Yoga Supplies

Yoga Supplies

Deep Roots Yoga understands the importance of using yoga supplies that possess longevity, sustainability and high quality. Having experimented with a variety of different yoga products over the years, Deep Roots Yoga has found that these four products listed below are the best the yoga community has to offer.  Deep Roots Yoga is happy to give participants the opportunity to purchase these products at competitive prices to enhance their yoga practice. 

Jade Yoga Mats

The last thing we want to do when we step onto a yoga mat is harm the earth with a heavy footprint on the environment, but unfortunately that is what many of us unwittingly do when we step onto a conventional yoga mat. Here’s the solution. Eco-friendly Jade Yoga Mats are made sustainably with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource that contains no PVC, EVA, or other synthetic rubber. This is a wonderful yoga mat has incredible grip and is built to last. Through Jade Yoga’s partnership with Trees for the Future, they plant a tree for every mat we buy. 

Regular Retail Price: $110-$120 CA$ (plus shipping and HST) 
Deep Roots Yoga Price: $105 (no shipping required and HST included)

Half Moon Cork Blocks

A perfect combination of stable, sturdy and durable, cork is an exceptional material for yoga blocks because it’s naturally antibacterial, comfy to touch, sustainable, eco-friendly and super grippy for those more challenging poses.

Regular Retail Price: $26 - $28 (plus HST)
Deep Roots Yoga Price: $25 (HST included) 

Half Moon Yoga Straps

A wonderful prop to have to deepen your hip openers and enrich your chest openers. 8 foot long cotton loop yoga strap.

Regular Retail Price: $26 (plus HST)
Deep Roots Yoga Price: $24 (HST included) 

Goo-Gee Designs Yoga Bolsters

Every practice can be enhanced by a perfect bolster that can shape itself to different forms. These locally made yoga bolsters do just that!  Featuring durable and sturdy 100% organic canvas cotton fabric and buckwheat husk filling, this yoga prop leaves you feeling satisfied with your yoga practice. Whether you aim to intensify a yoga pose, bring a more challenging pose within reach, adapt your practice to accommodate physical limitations, soften your body, dive deeply into a hip or chestopener or simply relax and enjoy a good stretch, the Goo-Gee Designs bolster is meant for you. With their philosophy being “dedicated to playfulness”....have fun!!

Regular Retail Price: $105 (plus HST)
Deep Roots Yoga Price: $85 (HST included)