Integrative Yoga

I began taking integrative yoga sessions with Leslie to alleviate chronic back issues. My goal was to improve strength and flexibility. Leslie has provided much more than a physical practice. Leslie incorporates the emotional and spiritual component to your practice to assist you on your path to healing. Leslie views you as a whole person and she seeks out the root cause of your issue to guide you through a beneficial practice. Leslie exudes professionalism, is a pleasure to spend time with and is very personable. Upon meeting Leslie you can see that she has a genuine passion for yoga and a love of helping people. She is eager to share her unlimited knowledge, providing a personalized practice that is centred on your specific needs. I have experienced relief in my symptoms and continue to use the skills she has taught me at home.”-A. Bell, Educator, Petrolia 

What is Integrative Yoga?

Integrative Yoga is a private yoga practice that helps you access, process, release and move past tension or pain, whether it be physical, emotional or mental pain. This is the real reason for doing yoga, that being the idea being of continually cleansing and freeing ourselves of things we no longer need. The practice of private Intergrative Yoga helps ensure clients examine and understand their body's needs, as well as releasing emotions and thought patterns they are attached to do, and integrating this awareness into finding a yoga practice that meets their personal goals. Integrative Yoga works to re-shape and re-train your body, mind and emotional impulses so clients do not keep repeating negative cycles. Life is full of choices. Integrative Yoga guides clients to avoid collapsing into small problems, that, if left to manifest and build, become big problems. Integrative Yoga gives clients the tools to be adaptable, positive and aware in life’s circumstances through asanas (stretches), cognitive awareness (meditation), marma therapy (hands-on assistance/pressure in areas of tension) and pranayama control (breath). By creating a space of presence, ease and movement, experienced yoga practitioners give clients a safe framework to hear their own inner voice and feel their own bodies struggles.

How is Integrative Yoga Performed?

Private Integrative Yoga is performed in a variety of ways, depending on the client. Outlined below are some ways that the practitioner may work with a client:

  • Exploration of static, restorative and dynamic poses that deeply relax the body
  • Exploration of marma (acupressure) points that trigger a physical release in the body
  • Exploration of breath work and prana to stabilize, activate or calm energy levels of body
  • Stimulating release of the fascial lines of the body to encourage the body to let go,thereby re-training the clients desire to grip and hold-on
  • Re-patterning the body by draw awareness to muscular habits that lead to tension and creating transformation through re-training muscle movements
  • Creating vinyasas or series of yoga poses that helps calm the nervous system for people suffering from anxiety and other mental disorders
  • Creating vinyasas or series of yoga poses that help activate the mind, body and spirit for people suffering from depression and other mental disorders
  • Building a strong meditation and yoga nidra practice
  • Helping in assessment of lifestyle habits

In recent years, Yoga has been accepted as an alternative to modern medicine. The book “Yoga As Medicine” by Dr. Timothy McCall defines yoga as “a systematic technology to improve the body, understand the mind and free the spirit”. Although not an exhaustive list, below are some conditions that can be addressed in a thoughtful and well-developed yoga practice. Please note, one does not need to have these issues to benefit from private yoga sessions.

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • manic-depression
  • fertility issues
  • high-blood pressure/heart disease
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • multiple sclerosis
  • scoliosis
  • chronic pain
  • insomnia
  • obesity 

Price Schedule

1 hour session of Private Integrative Yoga: $70