Discover Contentment


Ground yourself, feel purpose in each pose, and find your own deep roots. Following the Pravritti path of yoga, Deep Roots Yoga prides itself on ensuring that the insights gained while participating in yoga can be used off the mat. Ultimately, the discipline of yoga provides strategies for improving the quality of our lives on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, the main goal of Deep Roots Yoga is to create powerful atmospheres that help participants overcome

challenges in their lives, that meaning anything on the spectrum from chronically tight hamstrings, to insomnia, to a tragic personal loss. By taking the first step, that being grounding oneself, Deep Roots Yoga encourages participants to sink into themselves, quiet their mind, find their rhythm and scan their body, mind and emotions to sense where areas of tension, stress or conflict reside.


 After taking the time to anchor oneself and unplug from the noise of daily life, Deep Roots Yoga sessions explore the positive use of energy in the forms of: breath (pranayama), releasing movements (asanas) and mental focus (meditation) to reduce tension, stress and other hurdles people face in their lives. By exploring the depth of connection between breath and movement, yoga postures are elevated into meaningful experiences that strengthen the mind-body connection. Deep Roots Yoga sessions encourage participants to explore movements from the inside-out, to not only release muscular

tension, but assess how areas in their life are heightened or overstimulated and how other areas of their life are deficient or underdeveloped. By being aware of how we are out of balance and the ‘default mode’ we operate on without any thought, Deep Roots Yoga sessions provide insight on how to step back and have a greater perspective on your life and the importance of seeking personal growth in new directions to achieve balance.


The word yoga means ‘union’.  After grounding oneself, exploring one's needs and releasing unwanted tension, Deep Roots Yog strives to have participants feel connected to themselves, their purpose and the power they possess to make any necessary changes in their lives. Changes, whether it be in the form of altering postural habits, thinking more positively, or assessing the overwhelming schedule they have created for themselves, to gain a deeper sense of wellness and personal contentment. Yoga has been proven on numerous occasions to be healing in medical circles. The health benefits asanas, pranayama and meditation bring include: reduced stress and anxiety, improved flexibility, increased strength and muscle tone, lowered blood pressure, ability to proactively manage stress, long-term weight loss, relief from chronic pain and aiding in overcoming medical conditions. Deep Roots Yoga strives to not only create healing within

ourselves, but also the natural environment around us. Keeping this in mind as one of our core beliefs, we believe that to make yoga fully meaningful, the philosophical practices learned in yoga classes need to go beyond the yoga mat and into real life. We promote participants to cultivate a more meaningful connection with the environment around them. We ask people to think long and hard about decisions they make and start assessing the impact they have on people, animals and natural resources around us. Deep Roots Yoga is proud  to offer clients the choice of surrounding themselves with sustainable natural products with no VOC emissions. We feel this begins the conversation around creating environmentally respectful spaces , recognizing the healing qualities of the natural world and caring for the earth to the best of our ability.