Release & Renew Yoga

Invite your body into a place of softness, release and renewal and learn your body's struggles and areas of resistance through breath awareness, cognitive awareness and freeing asana movements. At Deep Roots Yoga we want to get back to the root of yoga and ensure that participants experience releases of tension that guide them into states of deep calm and personal understanding. By using a wide variety of yoga props, descriptive alignment cues and poses that benefit the areas of chronic tension in most individuals, this class aims lead participants through postures that can reward their body in energizing and therapeutic ways. This class is ideal for anybody seeking more range of motion, flexibility and release of tension in their body, regardless of age, fitness level or weight. Release & Renew yoga also caters to people who have enormous mental or emotional stress in their life and need a health space for reflection. 

To find out more check out yoga testimonials on our Stories page. Check Deep Roots Yoga Schedule to find out more about session dates and registration, or contact if you have any questions. 

Prenatal Yoga

This restorative and relaxing class encourages connection with the breath in preparation for labour and guides participants through stretches and postures that gently open the jaw, abdominal area, hips, pelvis and lower back to cultivate the best labour strategies possible. Participants are trained on ways the body and mind can respond to pain through breathing, visualization and other relaxation techniques. Each week Leslie approaches the class with a different theme to ensure a wide variety of strategies are covered and the progression of labour is understood. Offered for mothers-to-be ranging from 14 weeks to 39 weeks. No yoga experience necessary. 

Check out Prenatal Yoga testimonials on the Stories page and check Deep Roots Yoga Schedule to find out more about session dates and registration. Contact if you have any questions.

Mommy & Baby Yoga

Mommy & Baby Yoga: CURRENTLY NOT BEING OFFERED. CONTACT LESLIE DIRECTLY IF INTERESTED. Mommy & Baby Yoga aims to provide quality time interacting with your baby all while restoring and rebuilding your body (without a babysitter)! This energizing and fun class allows you to: increase your over-all strength and endurance post-pregnancy, facilitate toning of the abdominal muscles and reproductive organs, improve your posture and sense of well-being, and reduce tension.....all while chuckling at the funny things your baby is up to! Rhythm, song, touch, tickles, kisses and playful mommy & baby poses are incorporated into your yoga practice to create connections, trust and a sense of playfulness with your child. For babies approximately 7 weeks-10 months old. Please bring a mat for yourself and a blanket and soft pillow for your baby. No yoga experience necessary. Mommy & Baby Yoga is taught in 6 week session blocks at Steppin' Up Dance Studio. Check out Mommy & Baby Yoga testimonials in Stories