About Leslie

“Leslie is most delightful, very present in life, and clear in communication. I first met Leslie in January of 2000 when we were both living in Tofino, British Columbia. Leslie is exceptional in her calm understanding, insightful intelligence, excited explorations, unabashed truth telling, wild sense of humour and genuine sharing of life. I consider Leslie to be one of the most well-balanced people I know. She is adaptable to life’s challenges and maintains integrity at all times. I know this first hand, as she was the help I leaned on to recover one of the most difficult chapters in my life, that being my battle with cancer. Ultimately she gave me the gift of healing and the confidence to move on. I cannot see a profession suiting Leslie more than being a yoga instructor. She gracefully gives herself to each moment, values authenticity, and deeply appreciates the beauty and potential within others.” -William C., artist/former bike mechanic, Victoria, B.C. 

“Leslie Pullen is a Renaissance woman with a warmth and zest for life that you can't help noticing from the first instant that you meet her. Her passion for supporting people shows in all her work. Leslie specializes in Prenatal and Postnatal yoga as well as holding many impressive credentials that make her a gifted teacher. In addition to completing her Yoga Teacher training, Pilates training and Yoga Therapy Certificate, Leslie is an accomplished professional artist who has shown extensively. Leslie is an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover, and can be found hiking in the woods, swimming in the lake, puttering around in her vegetable garden or enjoying all forms of movement. In short, Leslie is one of those people who leaves you feeling inspired to use your hands, move your body, and experience life to its fullest.” Stefani Hoyt, Founder and Owner of Mandorla Yoga Institute, Calgary, Alberta

Raised in British Columbia, Leslie Pullen studied at Queen’s University (BA Hons), The University of Western Ontario (BEd) and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Post-Baccalaureate studio practice in painting/drawing) where she actively participated on track and field, rowing and cross-country teams. After stints working in a variety of unique and rewarding jobs (botanical garden caretaker, Holt Renfrew salesperson, life drawing model, wood and welding shop supervisor, NGO art educator, high school art teacher, professional artist) Leslie felt the need, in 2007, to embark on a path that honoured her background in creative movement, athletics and dance.

It was at this time Leslie studied vinyasa yoga through Mandorla Yoga Institute, received her Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2008, and never looked back. Possessing an analytical mind, Leslie found her first passion in yoga was focusing on anatomical relationships and alignment to aid physical healing. Her interest lay especially in doing postural assessments of clients. During this time she developed a concise and accurate system of studying the secondary and primary curves of the body, and how it related to posture and tension. She continues to use this system to this day to help clients who live with chronic pain. Studying with Ellie Herman in Brooklyn, a leading Pilates specialist, also reinforced Leslie’s interest making clients more aware of the mind-body connection. However, after Leslie’s pregnancy, labour and experiences as a mother, her desire to aid women in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being resulted in continued study in the field of women’s prenatal and postnatal health. Naturally, as one may guess, this passion for assisting mothers and mothers-to-be evolved developed into Prenatal and Mommy & Baby Yoga.

Always moving forward and being one to possess energy and curiosity, Leslie now desires to create more integrative practices that move the body into calmer and softer spaces. This desire to learn more resulted in another rich learning experience to deepen her knowledge. She turned her attention to studying ayurvedic principles, cognitive therapy, knowledge of the meridians and myofascial release, marma touch therapy and yoga nidra practices with Stefani Hoyt of Mandorla Yoga Institute and received a certificate in Therapeutic Yoga Application in 2014. Leslie is a life-long learner who desires to share the depth of yoga with others, listen to people’s stories, and aid in people’s personal journey towards balance and wellness. Passion, knowledge and attunement to people’s struggles are the key ingredients of Leslie’s life work.